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The EFG-8000

The new EFG-8000 Solar Gauge offers the latest in accurate digital tank monitoring with the addition of a built in high / low level alarm all in one easy to install system. Both the gauge and the alarm are powered by a solar cell with a Nickel Metal-Hydride back up battery. This system eliminates the need for any external power supply, thus reducing the high cost of installation. (Note: 8000 Gallons is not the limit of the gauge.)


A battery model is available if it is necessary to install the gauge console in a location which does not offer a sufficient amount of sunlight.

  • Requires no external power supply
  • Solar powered gauge and alarm with customer replaceable back up battery
  • Six digit LCD display monitors tanks up to 99,990 units - gallons, liters, inches or %.
  • Gauge console can be mounted in any location to best suit operator's needs.
  • Diagnostic capabilities to assist during installation, programming, and operation.
Specifications EFG-8000
Supply Source:
Solar Cell
Battery Power:
Nickel Metal- Hydride Solar rechargeable battery
Backup Power
Lithium battery
+/- 1.0% optimal
+/- 2.0% typical
Aluminum / Plastic 5.75" H (8.5" H w/ mounting brackets) x 9.25" W x 1.50" D
6 Digit LCD Digital
Operating Temerature:
-30° F to 140° F
1 Year


INTERSTITIAL ALARM ASSEMBLY: a normally closed circuit which provides visual and audible alarms when liquid is detected in the interstitial area.

INTERFACE MODULES: Available for High and/or Low tank level outputs for alarms or pump controls. A 4-20 mA control signal is also available separate or all together.

REMOTE INDOOR MONITOR: Provides the option to monitor tanks from a remote location, both tank quantity and alarms. Ideal for offices and C stores. Powered by 120 v /12vdc plug-in power supply.

REMOTE HIGH/LOW LEVEL ALARMS: Audible and visual (LED) alarm options powered by one 9 volt battery.


Typically all Solar Gauge products are pre-calibrated by the manufacturer. The calibrations are based on the following information: shape and dimensions of the tank, actual tank capacity, type of liquid to be measured, the desired high level over fill alarm value, low level warning alarm value, and the off-set value to compensate for the unusable fuel to be left in the tank. These calibrations can also be easily accomplished by the operator in the field if necessary.


As liquid is added to, or removed from the tank, the changing buoyancy of the probe reflects the changing volume in the tank via the digital display. The gauge can be easily calibrated to read out in gallons, liters, pounds, inches, or % of tank full. Being solar powered, the gauge requires no external supply voltage.

EFG-8000 Installation


The Solar Gauge needs to be installed in order to allow the gauge to receive at least one hour of direct sunlight each 24 hour period. Battery models are available if this is not practical. The Manufacturer's specifications concerning installation of the gauge, transducer and connectors, requires the connecting wire to be protected from the elements and other possible physical damages by the use of appropriate electrical items such as conduit and junction boxes. The manufacturer will not be responsible for problems arising from improper equipment installation.


Probes are custom produced depending on the tank height and type of liquid to be measured. Please supply us with the following information:

  1. Tank capacity

  2. Type of liquid to be measured.

  3. The height of the tank

  4. Total distance from the top of the 2" NPT pipe nipple to the bottom of the tank. Gauge accuracy is directly related to the accuracy of the information supplied with the order. For the best performance we recommend a minimum 6" long pipe nipple.

Ordering Information

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