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The EFG-4000

Supply Source:
One 3.6 volt, High Energy Lithium Battery
+/- 1.0% optimal
+/- 2.0% typical
Aluminum - 4" diameter 1.75" deep toal unit height 9"
4 digit LCD Digital
Operating Temperature:
-30° F to 140° F
1 Year

General Overview

THE OPERATION is done by a displacement tube (float) that has been custom designed according to your specifications.
These include:

  1. Type of liquid to be measured.
  2. Height of tank.
  3. Capacity of tank.
  4. An accurate measurement from the top of the pipe nipple that the gauge is to be installed on, to the bottom of the tank.

Use of this float on a tank other than the one it was custom designed for or in a product other than the one it was designed for, may provide inaccurate results. When properly installed, the float must never contact the bottom of the tank and not rest against the side of the drop tube.

THE POWER comes from a solar cell, and is intended for outdoor use. Indoor light may not provide adequate light for the solar cell. If you have an indoor location where you wish to use the gauge, or an outdoor location with inadequate light, please contact your distributor or Greenleaf Gauge, Inc. for more information on our product made specifically for the low light conditions.


INSTALLATION must be in accordance with your local regulations and manufacturer's specifications. Failure to do so will affect the long term service of the gauge and may void the warranty. Any regulatory issues should be directed to your local entity having jurisdiction over issues involved. Manufacturer's specifications concerning installation of the gauge and probe, requires the wire connecting the probe, alarm, and gauge, along with the connectors, to be protected from the elements and other possible physical damages by the use of appropriate electrical items such as conduit and junction boxes. The manufacturer will not be responsible for problems arising from improper equipment installation.

WARRANTY/REPAIRS: One year warranty. The gauges have been hermetically sealed. Please refer to the warranty/return policy for instructions concerning repair issues.


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